"You are the only one who has understood even a whisper of me, and I will tell you that I am the only person who has understood even a  whisper of you."

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S10 Countdown: 23 days - or
N° 6 in the series - “Which crop to pick” - SN: 04x07

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Everyone has six names.

  1. Your real name:
  2. your detective name (favourite colour and favourite animal):
     Purple Turtle
  3. your soap opera name (middle name and street you live on):
    Jane Union
  4. your star wars name (first three letters of last name, first two of middle): 
  5. superhero name (color of your shirt, first item to your immediate left): 
    Gray toilet paper…
  6. goth name (black and one of your pets):
    Black Lachlan

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blogging more marvel over the summer, back to spn in the fall.

currently watching scrubs. rewatching Winter Soldier and crying a lot.

currently reading lots & lots of smutty gay fanfic.